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Craft Kits – CK

CK-01 Jewelry making tools

CK-02 Dot Painting tools

CK-03 Soap making tools

CK-04 Metal Stamping toolS

CK-05 Clay sculpting tools

CK-06 Cricut Easy Press

CK-07 Loome Fiber Tool & Book

CK-08 Host a Paint Party Kit


Cake Pans – CP

CP-01 Football

CP-02 Teddy Bear

CP-03 Pumpkin

CP-04 Checkerboard


Electronics – EL


EL-01 Kill-a-Watt Meter

EL-02 PA System

EL-03 Document Scanner

EL-04 2 Stopwatches

EL-05 Walkie-Talkies (3 with 2 chargers)



LoT-01 Cash Box

LoT-02 Microscope w/ slides